Home Decor Expectations vs. Reality: 4 Surprisingly Fussy Home Ideas

Home Decor
Home Decor

Are you tempted to outfit your home with the trendiest or most glamorous lighting, materials and home decor ? No one can fault you for wanting the best for your home! But it’s good to get the big picture before spending the money on your home decor wish list.

Here are four common landscaping and decorating concepts that may require more care than you might think:

1. Home Decor in Marble Floors & Countertops

Home Decor in Marble Floors
Home Decor in Marble Floors

Real marble is the ultimate in interior design! In terms of appearance, it is attractive and elegant, and often reflects a luxurious style. It is also very refreshing and generally long lasting.

But oh, there are downsides. It’s also expensive, notoriously easy to stain and scratch, prone to water damage, requires a lot of maintenance, and can be a tough, unforgiving material. Marble is the prime example of the most difficult material that needs additional heat treatment.

If you have kids or pets at home, you might want to reconsider your choice and opt for cork, laminate, or wood instead. These floor coverings offer a softer surface, easier to maintain and better suited to a warm and family atmosphere.

When it comes to countertops, other stone materials might be better suited, including granite, which is slightly cheaper than marble but stronger, and quartz, with its marbled appearance and better durability.

2. Home Decor in Recessed Lighting

Home Decor in Recessed Lighting
Home Decor in Recessed Lighting

While this popular style of lighting can provide even illumination, a clean, unexposed presence, and is generally energy efficient, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of.

For starters, changing bulbs for recessed lighting can be a chore that becomes even more difficult when you have very high ceilings. In addition, recessed lighting may not be suitable for older homes with decorative, textured, or concrete ceilings.

And there is the cost. Recessed lighting of buildings will require more structural work and a greater amount of fixtures compared to traditional lighting. Then there are the installation costs and the bulbs too, which are more expensive than standard light tubes. Of course, these items are sometimes lumped together, but overall the expenses add up.

So think about whether you really need this flashlight – if you’re on a tight budget. And think for yourself long term: are you ready for a significantly higher level of maintenance? If the answer is no, go for simpler options like spotlights or pendants.

3. Home Decor in Bottom Hung Kitchen Sinks

Home Decor in Kitchen Sinks
Home Decor in Kitchen Sinks

These types of sinks quickly became popular in Malaysia due to their deep and even construction.

However, these sinks are often more expensive to install and the linked countertops can also be expensive. Also, bottom-hung sinks aren’t the most hygienic, as cracks between the countertop and the attached sink can build up with food scraps and grime over the years, and can be extremely difficult to reach.

Therefore, sinks of this type require some maintenance every two or three years; you will need to scrape off the old caulk and grime, then reapply.

In terms of price, maintenance and ease of cleaning, countertop or drop-in sinks, which sit on top or flush with the countertop, respectively, are a better option. These types of sinks are less complicated to install and easier to clean because the slits and edges are on the counter, rather than under it.

4. Home Decor in Open Concept Kitchens

Home Decor in Open Concept Kitchens
Home Decor in Open Concept Kitchens

A trendy, open-plan, loft-style kitchen makes for easy transition and connection to the rest of the house. And it’s perfect for many small homes because it has fewer obstacles that can clutter up a space.

There are, however, a few drawbacks to consider before making a decision. First of all, you will need to consider the foul smells that can settle in the rest of the house with daily cooking. Depending on the location of your stove or burner, your walls can also be stained with food and oil spatters as well as kitchen smog.

In addition, your pan gives off chemical vapors such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and when frying fats and oils. It’s not healthy to have such chemicals all over the house, but with the concepts open, it’s all the more likely.

This does not mean that the idea should be abandoned! Minimize these inconveniences by locating your stove away from plaster walls and instead placing it against or in front of washable tile walls and near windows to keep the area well ventilated. Next, consider installing a range hood over your stove; or, just consider using electric or induction burners instead – which eliminates any gas emissions.

Design a home that is built to last.

A home that just looks like a luxury home isn’t everything. Does it suit your family’s lifestyle perfectly? Is it practical, functional and, above all, easy to maintain over the years? An experienced interior designer will help you answer these questions and come up with the design that will best meet your needs.

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